Miley Cyrus: A Retrospective follows the timeline of Miley Cyrus’ career, all the way from Disney Channel to her latest album, Plastic Hearts. This book divides each era by album, discussing the transition in her music style as well as where Miley’s life and career was at the time. Through marriage, heartbreak, and her infamous VMA performance, each chapter covers the journey that led Miley Cyrus to where she is today.
INSTITUTION: Tyler School of Art and Architecture
INSTRUCTOR: Scott Laserow
Research played a large role in the development of this book. Many hours were spent scouring the internet for every full length interview Miley Cyrus has done. Most of the content included in this book came from articles, podcasts, and tabloids. Not only were interviews essential for this book, but listening to Miley Cyrus’ music was equally as important to the design and layout of each chapter.
With each album, Miley’s look and sound evolves as she grows up. Each chapter needed to reflect the sound of the corresponding album. The design and layout is heavily inspired not only by the music, but the time in which the album was released. Since the style and layout of each chapter varies by album, decisions needed to be made to make each chapter feel like they belong together.
Pink has been a consistent color throughout Miley Cyrus’ career, and with that in mind, the color pink is used in each chapter in a variety of ways. The hot pink comes from her latest album, Plastic Hearts, and sets the tone for the kind of music and style she expresses in her career today. In her early albums created with Disney, light pink is used to reflect the adolescent and girly personality of her music at the time.
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